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By design, your shopping district should stand out as a community and commercial hub with retail, dining, entertainment, and experiences that leave customers ready to come back for more after every visit.

As a stakeholder, you must be all-in on the growth and prosperity of your merchants. Their success is your success, and your commitment to putting them in a place to succeed starts with creating a path to sustainable footfall and increased consumer buying activity.

At Hownd,

We do just that.

By leveraging the unique and diverse mix of merchants within your district, center, or mall, we drive more footfall through impulse-triggering promotional offerings delivered across the digital channels (email, social, mobile, websites, WiFi, digital signage) where consumers are most likely to take action.

For those that like to plan ahead, consumers can plan their visit to your shopping district in MyHownd, making sure they visit a variety of merchants in your area that same day! Creating experiences instead of simple transactions.

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Here’s Who Hownd Works With

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Hownd Merchants Enjoy Up to $100,000 in New, Annual Revenue

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Just more customers ready to shop!

Here's How it Works:


Hownd Brings the Customers Back—And Gives Them a Reason to Stay

When a consumer arrives at your shopping district, the MyHownd App will prompt them to access a variety of special promotions from your merchants. By delivering personalized local promos relevant to their interests, consumers will be encouraged to make a day of it and follow up a dinner or bowling date with a late movie.


Hownd Promotes Your Special Events

Nobody wants to miss the main event. Be the center of attention and draw foot traffic by promoting your upcoming concerts, celebrity appearances, sidewalk sales, car meet-ups, and more in the MyHownd app!


Hownd Lets Consumers Plan Their Visit in Advance

For those that like to plan ahead, consumers can plan their visit in MyHownd, making sure they visit a variety of merchants in your area that same day!


Hownd Leverages Data to Better Target Consumers in Your Own Marketing

Hownd makes it easy to aggregate and analyze consumer data across a single shopping center or even multiple locations via mobile app geo data, purchase tracking, WiFi mesh network logins, digital signage engagement, and social media conversions. In short, we apply all the right data to get you the right consumers.

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