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Not using the full benefits of Hownd is like a Delorean without a flux capacitor. It’ll move but it won’t get you to the future you want. Hownd is most effective when used in full force.

To prove it, we’ll give you your first 15 customer visits for free if you complete these steps within 7 days of signup!

Let’s get you back to the future you dreamed of when you started your business.

then follow the steps below.

then follow the steps below.

Set Up Your Offerings

We will distribute these automatically!

Upload Your Customer Lists

Merchants that import a customer list can expect 9x the revenue of those who don’t!

Add Pop-Up to Your Website

Merchants who install a popup who can expect 11x the revenue of those who don’t!

You’re So Close to Effortless Foot Traffic!

And 15 Free Customer Visits!

Connect to Stripe
Payment Processing

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Update Your
Business Profile

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Check Out This Previously Recorded Quickstart Training Session

This Quickstart Training through Zoom will give you an overview of your Hownd account and a walkthrough on how to complete your onboarding steps and start generating increased customer foot traffic today!

Customers are on their way!

Now that you have joined the Hownd network, you will soon have customers coming to your business with promotions on their MyHownd app. Below are instructions for how to redeem promos in the app.

Once promo is activated, a details screen will appear.

Prompt customer to “Mark as Redeemed” if promo is valid.

Ask customer to swipe toggle to confirm redemption.

Once confirmed, they can no longer use this promo.

Review the confirmation screen to prevent fraud:

  • Look for animated checkmark.
  • Confirm timestamp and promo details are accurate.

Track Your Promotions:

You’ll be able to track these promotions through your redemption page. To find your redemption page, log into your Hownd account at www.Hownd.App, and click the “Redeem Promos” button on the top right of your dashboard.

Once you click on the button, that will bring you to the Redemption Page, which you can then bookmark on any online device for future use.

For more information on why it’s important to redeem promos and how to redeem them manually if needed visit our knowledge base.

Step 1

Set Up Your Offerings

For more info on setting up offerings visit the Hownd knowledge base.

Step 2

Upload Your Customer List

Merchants that import a customer list can expect 9x the revenue of those who don’t!

$647 vs. $71 on average!

Merchants who install a website popup can expect 11x the revenue of those who don't!

$664 vs. $60 on average!

Step 3

Add The Popup to Your Website

Please complete this form so we can help add the Popup to your website!
Note: All website builders are different and not all web permissions are the same. In the rare case that we are not able to add the code we will reach out.

Merchants who have imported a customer list AND installed a Website Popup enjoy 31x the revenue of those who install neither!

$1100 vs. $35 on average!

Step 4

Connect to Stripe Payment Processing

Stripe is the third party payment processor we use to process Buy Now transactions. Stripe is how you get paid.

Stripe is a trusted payment source by many established brands:

Step 5

Update Your Business Profile

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