The City of Mesa has partnered
with Hownd to Invite You to

Reopen to More Customers at No Cost

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No Monthly Fees, No Contracts, & No Setup Costs!

Hownd is a risk-free foot traffic generation platform, and you only pay when we bring customers back through your doors ready to buy. That’s what we call Results-Delivered Pricing™.

For a Limited Time, The City of Mesa and Hownd Have Come Together to Cover Your Results-Delivered Pricing™ Costs.

That means that you can focus on opening the right way without opening up your wallet.

The City of Mesa is generously sponsoring Hownd’s Results-Delivered Pricing™ for businesses with a physical location in Mesa, AZ.

This means you don’t pay anything to start generating revenue now! The City's sponsorship funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be available until the budgeted amount for this program is depleted.

It's a Proven Path

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hownd has already generated over $2,000,000 in immediate revenue for our merchants.

Here's How it Works:


Revenue Now


Visitors Later

Gearing Up for Reopening?

Hownd has put together the Raise the Sails Reopening Guide to help you get back to the helm of your business and successfully reopen your business. The guide is completely free and complete with reopening insight and strategies from Hownd and trusted partners including TrustWorkz, Ironwood Venture, and 4Media Marketing. Click below to learn more and gain access to the guide.



How much do I have to pay for Hownd?

Hownd has no monthly fees and no setup costs! You only pay a small predetermined fee for each paying customer we send through your doors. We call this Results-Delivered Pricing™. This allows you to guarantee profitability on your offers! As we like to say, “No Risk It, All Biscuit!”

Why does Hownd need my credit card?

Hownd will keep your card on file for when the promotional period with The City of Mesa comes to an end at which point you will begin to own the Results-Delivered Pricing™. We will give you 30 days notice when the estimate of the end of the promotion is near. You will have a chance to turn off promotions if they are not bringing enough value to you, or opt-out of the system if you so choose. You are not contractually committed to continue.

How much does it cost after the promotional period ends?

Once this program ends you can continue working with Hownd to bring you Effortless Foot Traffic. Get started today and a Hownd representative will reach out with more details and provide you with your Results-Delivered Pricing™.

Can I work with Hownd to promote other types of offers I’d like to make available to my current customers and other nearby consumers -- or only Support Vouchers?

Through this partnership, The City of Mesa is covering Hownd’s Results-Delivered Pricing for Support Vouchers, Buy Now Offers, and Coupons.

Do I need to have a physical brick & mortar location in order to work with Hownd?

Although this isn’t a requirement, Hownd performs much better with brick & mortar businesses. We’re ideal for family entertainment centers, restaurants & bars, and health & beauty businesses.

No Risk It

All Biscuit!

Don’t miss out on this zero-risk opportunity presented by The City of Mesa to help keep the cash flowing for local businesses.