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Bring Business Back Strong

The impact of the global health crisis has delivered a major blow to business districts far and wide. Slowing a once bustling scene of mass consumers out enjoying restaurants, retail, and entertainment options, and resulting in cash flow issues for local merchants as they focus on safely reopening.

At Hownd, we’ve responded with a meaningful solution to generate revenue now and visitors later through Support Vouchers for your merchants during their time of need.

Through Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers

Hownd Has Generated Over $2 Million in Immediate Revenue for Merchants!

To help local businesses during the economic downturn, Hownd has created Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers. These are promotions specifically created to allow consumers a chance to support their local businesses by purchasing discounted promotional offers over web, email, social channels, and the MyHownd app that they can redeem upon reopening.

The Future is Bright.

Hownd is committed to making sure that when your merchants are ready to open their doors — the customers will be waiting to come in. By leveraging the diverse mix of merchants within your business district, Hownd drives more consumer traffic through enticing promotional offerings delivered across the channels where they’re most likely to take action.

Hownd for the Economic Development of Business Districts adds long-term value, reduces costs, and increases revenue through our Zero-Risk Foot Traffic Platform. It’s effortless – no expertise or ongoing time investment is needed from businesses. It’s a high-ROI solution that generates customers and revenue for your merchants today while creating the path necessary for sustainable economic growth in the future. Together, we can get back to where we want to be.

Here’s Who Hownd Works With

Hownd Merchants Enjoy Up to $100,000 in New, Annual Revenue

No subscription fees.
No upfront cost.
No catches.

Just more customers ready to shop!

Here's How it Works:


Hownd Brings Consumers Back and Encourages Them to Stay

When a consumer arrives at your business district, the MyHownd App will prompt them to access a variety of special promotions from your merchants. By delivering personalized local promos relevant to their interests, consumers will be encouraged to enjoy all the experiences they’ve come to love!


Hownd Lets Consumers Plan Their Visit in Advance

For those that like to plan ahead, consumers can customize their visit in MyHownd, making sure they visit a variety of merchants in your district on the  same day.


Hownd Promotes Your Special Events

No more missing the main event. Draw foot traffic by promoting your upcoming concerts, celebrity appearances, sidewalk sales, car meet-ups, and more in the MyHownd app!


Hownd Leverages Data to Better Target Consumers in Your Own Marketing

Hownd makes it easy to aggregate and analyze consumer data across a single shopping center or even multiple locations via mobile app geo data, purchase tracking, WiFi mesh network logins, digital signage engagement, and social media conversions. In short, we apply all the right data to get you the right consumers.

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